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Post by Debo » Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:59 pm

heyvern wrote:Never ASSUME that an issue might not be YOUR responsibility. Don't blame the tools or the teacher (the book) until you've ruled everything else out. Don't blame the tools unless you can show us evidence of it, step by step to recreate the problem or a file that has the problem. 99% of problems I've seen here are due to "user error".
Well, I asked what in Anime Studio could have caused it to apply that gradient. I wasn't blaming the tools, or the book -- "What tells it to do this", is what I wrote. When you encounter glitches like the ones I've described above (the ghost keys, the slow soundtrack, for example) you do become wary, but I blame myself first, and the app only if I've proven to myself that it behaves erratically. I know where the "any key" is, you know.

Something else. What do I do when I want to put all my layers in one group layer? I need to rescale what I have. It annoys me that I can't drag a layer that's down in the list all the way up, i.e. that the list doesn't scroll when I'm trying to drag a layer to the top of the list.
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Post by slowtiger » Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:42 pm

Known problem.
Make the layer palette as big as possible. If that's not enough, create a group folder where the layers are, put them in, then shift the group to wherever you need it.
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