My Nudge Keys Toolset... Finally!!!!

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Re: My Nudge Keys Toolset... Finally!!!!

Post by Lukas » Wed Apr 08, 2020 1:16 pm

Thanks Wes, I implemented your code and it works great!
Should note that it doesn't work for individual bones that have split dimensions, but ehh.. don't use those :)

Code: Select all

-- Version History:
-- Version 1.3.1 (by Lukas Krepel, Frame Order)
  -- Support for channels split dimensions (not for individual bones) (thanks to synthsyn75)
Download link:
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Re: My Nudge Keys Toolset... Finally!!!!

Post by Maestral » Wed Apr 08, 2020 6:43 pm

Good to know
Still, many thanks for sharing the script.
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Re: My Nudge Keys Toolset... Finally!!!!

Post by Penny » Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:33 pm

Oh, thanks a lot for this, Lukas.
I always loved this script, probably the most I used in all these years. Cool to have it back!
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Re: My Nudge Keys Toolset... Finally!!!!

Post by Trizul96 » Sun May 24, 2020 11:14 am

Rudiger wrote:
Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:53 pm
UPDATE (29-June-2011)
On a request from Selgin, I have added the extra channels from AS7 and AS8

UPDATE (27-April-2011)
Wow, is has it really been a year and a half :shock:? Anyway, here is a long overdue update

Apart from a bunch of bug fixes, tidying up, and support for AS7, there is now has an overwrite mode which lets you delete keys without shifting. It also now uses new scripting features for checking whether layers are visible or selected instead of the hacks that it used previously, but that means that it now requires AS6.2 or above.

By the way, I used Ramón López's idea of putting all of the button icons in their own folder inside ScriptResources, so you might want to clear that folder out of icons related to rt_key_tool before reinstalling.

UPDATE (01-Nov-2009)
A new version of these tools has been released in the form of a single new tool called KeyTool! It has a lot of new options and bug fixes since the initial version. It can be downloaded from here:

For those that still prefer having the separate tools, I have also written a set of button tool wrappers that call the same core functions that are used by the new KeyTool. These tools can be downloaded from here.

Original Post (14-Jul-2009)
OK, I think I'm finally prepared to release a version of my "nudge keys" set of tools. As well as making them work with the new features of ver 6.0, I've been busy added some extra options as well as optimizing everything to be much more responsive. In particular, the Menu script which creates a consolidated timeline for a set of layers used to take up to a minute to run, but is now pretty much instant.

By the way, the tools should work for both versions 5.6 and 6.0, except for version 5.6, the interpolation mode will be overwritten and also, the layer ordering keys will not be shifted.

You can download the full set of tools and scripts from here...

The toolset consists of the following button tools:
rt_nudge_keys_left ,
rt_nudge_keys_right .
rt_global_nudge_keys_left <
rt_global_nudge_keys_right >
rt_prev_keyframe -
rt_next_keyframe +

the following menu script:
and the following utilities script, that contains some common functions:
I've also included a file, _tool_list_fragment.txt, that shows my recommended key assignments.

I admit that the the icons are pretty poor, so if anyone wants to volunteer to make better ones, please go right ahead.

So hopefully it's pretty self explanatory, but here's a brief description on how to use it.

1. In any layer, press ',' and all of the keys at or to the right of the cursor will be nudged 1 place to the left. Press '.' and the keys will be nudged 1 place to the right. If the current layer has children then all layers below it will also be affected. If there is a key to the immediate left of the cursor, then a left nudge won't be performed.

2. In any layer, hold down shift when you press ',' or '.' and all keys in the document, including the camera keys will be nudged. The document's endframe will also be automatically adjusted.

3. In any layer, run the rt_create_consolidated_timeline_layer script and all keys in parent (if exists) and sibling layers (if exists) will consolidated into a special non-rendering layer which placed alongside the original layer. Whenever you nudge left or right in this layer its parent and the parent's children are automatically affected. This script can also be run at the top level as well and is useful for monitoring global nudges.

4. There are a number of option variables at the bottom of the rt_nudge_keys_left.lua file, which I plan to implement as options one day using a separate set option script. I'm too tired to explain them all now, but an interesting one is "enable_fake_curvature_channel". The thing is that the curvature channel for each point is not currently available in the script interface, but I worked out a fairly robust way to fake it by assuming that each curvature key has a corresponding point position key. Where it gets a bit hacky is that it uses an action with a single curvature key at a high frame to blank the current curvature channel. This is why it's disabled by default.

Anyway, what I love about Anime Studio is that it's so much fun to use. I just hope this tool makes tweaking the timing as fun as everything else!

Of course it goes without saying, if anyone finds any bugs or has any suggestions for making it better, I would love to hear them.

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