Leg Wigging out

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Leg Wigging out

Post by riledguy » Thu Jun 08, 2006 4:54 pm

Same animation different problem. The leg here in this animation is flipping out. I am not sure why. As you can see in the picture here there are no key frames and there is no cycle. I want it to stop doing it's crazy wiggle.

Any suggestions other then frame by frame fixing it are welcome.

Here is a snap shot of the key frames. I have rendered the steps between 12 and 18 from this where there should be no movement but instead I get what you see in the animation below.

Wonk Leg In action in SWF format
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Post by Lost Marble » Thu Jun 08, 2006 6:17 pm

Just because there are keyframes at frames 12 and 18 does not mean there will be no movement. In fact, all movement happens in between keyframes.

The real issue is what are the bone angles at each of those keyframes. Use the Rotate Bone tool and click on the bone(s) in question, once at frame 12 and once at frame 18, to see if the angle values are the same (I bet they aren't).

To fix it, type in the same value at frame 18 that you see at frame 12. Or, copy and paste the frame 12 keyframe onto frame 18.