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Moho Resource Directory

Post by bupaje » Sat Feb 18, 2006 1:25 am

For those interested I have tackled an old project and am working on a repository for Moho resources. There will still be some cosmetic changes and I'll make some rss feeds available so you can list the resources on your own sites.

The main page is here

You can upload any of your own original resources you want to share. This is not an image repository or a place to post files you need help with -sorry- but if you have art resources, characters, backgrounds, lua scripts, brushes, original music files, tutorials etc you may create a link to the resource (mirror) or upload the zipped resource to the site and link to it in your posts on this forum (for now everything must be zipped).

You can also create links to tips or scripts on this forum without uploading files as a way to help list the many goodies that are buried here and make them more accesible.

Here is a quick overview of the add File screen

1, 2 and 3 are for name and description. Try to use informative text as this will help with the search engine as it grows. You can use simple HTML in the large description area like

Code: Select all

to help clarify and order your post - please don't go crazy with the html. :)

4 will optionally convert any spaces between lines to line breaks for you or you can use HTML

Code: Select all

<br> <p>
tags if you prefer.

7 is an area were you can can add version numbers. I can add some additional fields in this area if it makes sense to do so.

8 if you are uploading a file then click on this and you'll get an upload window.

9. Here is where you can put links to resources that you aren't uploading -for example if they are on your own site or on lostmarble.

For now I need to approve all uploads which I'll do at least once a day in the evening.

Once again please do not upload any files unless you created them and are willing to make them freely available to your fellow moho users.

Please feel free to send me feedback in this thread about things that would make this more useful to you.
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