Anime Studio 11 is Now Available!

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Anime Studio 11 is Now Available!

Post by Fahim » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:54 pm

Anime Studio 11 is Now Available! Get it today!

Complete 2D Animation Software for Professionals

Anime Studio Pro 11 is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to traditional animation. The intuitive and affordable feature set offers a solution to traditional animation tasks that are not available anywhere else at the same price point. With an intuitive interface, a visual content library and powerful features such as a bone rigging system, Smart Bones™, frame-by-frame animation, layered PSD import from Adobe® Photoshop®, bitmap to vector conversion, integrated lip-synching, 3D modeling, physics, motion tracking and more, Anime Studio Pro 11 delivers advanced animation tools to speed up your workflow.

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Here are some of the new features in Anime Studio 11:

New! Frame by Frame [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
Anime Studio is known for its awesome bone animation system. This hasn’t changed. What has changed is the ability to switch between two main animation styles at any time. Yes, frame by frame animation is now easier in Anime Studio! With the new Frame-by-Frame layer, you can jump into a frame by frame workspace. By using new frame controls and onion skinning, you can create authentic frame by frame animation. Mix and match this with the bone system for a powerful combination!

New! Layer Referencing [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
You can now duplicate layers that take on the properties of the original layer. This even extends past the initial creation of the layer. As an example, let’s say you have a rigged character. When you create a reference of the character and then move the original character’s arm, the reference layer character will also move his arm! If changes are made to the reference layer, it will act independently from the original, allowing for the creation of unique assets. You can even reference layers across multiple documents, opening up new workflow possibilities for team based productions.

New! Animated Shape Ordering [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
It’s always been easy to arrange multiple shapes on a Vector Layer. All you have to do is click on a shape and hit the up or down arrow to move it in front or behind another shape. The one restriction animators had was not being to move these positions mid-animation. This is where Animated Shape Ordering comes in! Let’s say you are creating a head turn and need to hide an asset a few seconds in. No fear! You can now perform shape ordering anywhere on the timeline and keyframes will be created for this function.

New! Animated Bone Targets [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
Increase the productivity of your workflow by being able to change Target Bones on the fly! Starting with a target already in place, you can switch to a target on any frame and Anime Studio will keyframe the result. No longer are you stuck using just one target bone. This opens up new animation possibilities and takes the bone system to the next level! You can also now assign targets with a handy keyboard shortcut and the Reparent Bone Tool.

New! Animated Bone Parenting [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
You can now switch parents for your bones mid-animation and have Anime Studio keyframe the result. Like the bone system itself, this new feature is intuitive and easy to use. Use the Reparent Bone Tool at any time to reset the parent. You can even unlink bones completely just by clicking off on the canvas. Don't worry, they can always be reparented later. This new addition will help speed up your workflow and allow for more detailed animations.

New! Tools & Brushes Enhancements
Select drawing tools, such as the Freehand Tool, now create more simplified shapes. Cutting out these extra points can help remove clutter and speed up drawing. There’s also a new smoothing option which allows you to draw round, smooth shapes, even if your initial pass isn’t perfect. Freehand drawing is now simplified with Merge Strokes. When turned on, this function groups all your lines into a single shape. The Blob Brush is now more consistent and the Delete Edge Tool has a handy new shortcut. The New Color Points tool allows you to blend stroke colors together, creating awesome results. Finally, Brushes give you more pleasing results with Merged Alpha and Drift Angle.

New! Improved Photoshop File Support [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
Photoshop file support has been included in past versions. One issue was the inability to refresh new PSD layers into Anime Studio after editing the original Photoshop file. The same applied when layer reordering would occur in Photoshop. Now, new PSD layers will be applied into Anime Studio when the active file is updated in Photoshop. If layers are re-arranged, Anime Studio will maintain its own layer ordering but still reflect the visual changes made from Photoshop.

New! Bone Flipping [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
Flipping bones can be essential to certain rigs in Anime Studio. In the past, you could only flip a bone once. This would alter the position for the whole animation. Version 11 brings a new and welcomed change to this workflow. Now when you flip a bone mid-animation, a keyframe will be created, allowing the effect to change at any time. This works with any bone setup you can think of: parents, targets, point binding and layer binding. You can even rig your Smart Dials to flip bones, adding more flexibility to any workflow.

New! Smart Bone Enhancements [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
Smart Bone dials are a big time saver when it comes time to animate. In the past, creating a Smart Bone dial resulted in only one action being created in the Actions panel. This meant you would have to go in and create a second action for that dial, if you needed it. Now, when converting a bone to a Smart Bone dial, Anime Studio will create two actions that extend to each constraint on your bone, preserving the neutral position. Working with Smart Bones has never been easier!

New! Group with Selection Layers [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
Have you ever created two layers with detailed assets but wished later you would have set up a Group Layer to house the artwork? This is where the new Group with Selection Layer type comes in handy! With Anime Studio Pro 11, when you select two or more layers at once, you can choose the Group with Selection Layer option in the Layers panel to group the layers together. This can save you time as opposed to dragging the layers into the group.

New! Normalize Layer Scale [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
Have you ever resized a layer but realized later on that the line’s width had changed? It used to be a pain trying to rescale the width to fit with the rest of your character or scene. This is no longer a problem with Normalize Layer Scale. This option is instant and will take the layer you resized and restore the thickness of the lines back to their default. This means you can spend less time trying to match your strokes and more time creating your masterpiece!

New! Timeline Enhancements [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
With the timeline, you can now show and hide channels based on your preferences. This can reduce timeline clutter and help you focus on specific channels for easier editing and animation. A new button allows you to enable and disable onionskins which is a huge time saver. Switch, layer ordering and hold keyframes are now pill shaped for easier reading of the timeline. Finally, bezier handles are color coded to reflect the options in graph mode, also improving the readability of the timeline.

New! Styles Enhancements [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
In past versions, when importing or creating new Styles, they had to have different names. This was due to how Anime Studio referenced the data. Now, Styles are referenced by a unique ID, opening up the possibility of having multiple Styles with the same name. The big benefit of this is not worrying about encountering issues with Styles that share names during import. You can now grab what you need without fear of errors!

New! Batch Export Enhancements [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
New features have been added to the Batch Export panel to make the process of rendering multiple files easier and quicker. The biggest addition is the ability to create and save profiles for batches. Let’s say you configure a batch to disable anti-aliasing along with rendering at half dimensions. You can save that configuration and keep it for future projects. This allows you to target and render groups of files, saving you time from having to export one file at a time with specific requirements.

New! Other New Features [Anime Studio Pro 11 Only Feature]
With so many new features, it’s hard to list them all! Longtime users will be happy to know that the default camera positions have changed to reflect the functionality of a 35mm lens. This means no more awkward stretching with close up objects. The Preferences panel is now easier to navigate and adds a section for organizing tools. A new preview function allows for faster renders by disabling antialiasing. A new script allows for more shape generation and you can view your 3D axes by accessing the View menu.

New! Gather Media
As longtime users know, you can import several file types into Anime Studio, such as images and audio files. If these files are ever misplaced, assets will start breaking within your project file. Anime Studio 11 fixes this issue by taking all files you’ve imported and puts them into a new directory. This keeps all your assets in one spot, eliminating the need for file digging. Additionally, Anime Studio will generate a text file listing all your assets as a reference. Version 11 does the organizing for you!

New! File Format
Anime Studio 11 utilizes a JSON-based file format with an .anime extension. This is a more modern file format that delivers faster processing when working with files. But don’t worry, this version is still backwards compatible. Files created in Anime Studio 5 and later can still be opened up in version 11. Also, MotionArtist files are now compatible with Anime Studio. This allows for an easier cross platform workflow.

New! Library Enhancements
The Library is helpful in any project and luckily it’s now easier to use! With a click of the button, you can access several new display options. These range from tree hierarchies to breadcrumbs. From there you can drill down further and select how you want thumbnails be to be displayed, giving you more control over your workspace. Last, but not least, the new Styles category allows you to save style documents for future use.

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Re: Anime Studio 11 is Now Available!

Post by gjordan » Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:19 am

Great so much expected. Hope to get it soon
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