Moho 12.2 update is available!

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Moho 12.2 update is available!

Post by Víctor Paredes » Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:51 pm

Moho™ Pro 12.2 Update for Macintosh & Windows
Free update for owners of Moho™ Pro 12 is available.

Moho™ Pro 12.2 update includes support for the new Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial. Five new modes have been included to use the Surface Dial off and onscreen: Undo, Zoom, Canvas Rotation, Smart Bone, Stroke Width and the new Overlay Timeline, which allows to navigate in time and animate using the entire screen.
Moho™ Pro 12.2 is now localized in Japanese, besides English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese.
It also includes many bug fixes and new features, such as a more intuitive zoom behavior; improvements to Switch layers; scripting access to more elements of the software; the new Layer Comps window, which allows to create and edit Layer Comps more easily and use them as Timeline visibility sets, to quickly see different groups of layers in the Timeline and much more.
Note: This update overwrites your existing Moho™ 12 installation. You may be asked to enter your serial number again after installing version 12. Please refer to the Read Me text file for more information on enhancements, bug fixes and improvements.

New Features and fixes coming in Moho™ 12.2

● Moho™ now supports the Microsoft’s new Surface Studio and Surface Dial.
Five new modes have been included to use the Surface Dial off and onscreen: Undo, Zoom, Rotation, Smart Bone, Stroke Width and the new overlay Timeline, which allows to navigate in time and animate using the entire screen.
● In addition to English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese, Moho™ is now localized also in Japanese.
● PRO - New Layer Comps window allows to create and edit Layer Comps much quicker.
● PRO - Layer Comps now can be used as Timeline visibility sets, allowing to use Layer Comps as sets of layers to show in the Timeline.
● PRO - Switch layers inside a group layer with physics enabled now display a Physics tab in the Layer Settings dialog.
● When zooming with the mouse wheel, zoom in and out to the cursor position.
● PRO - In the Layers window, the context menu for a layer that has an embedded layer script will now display an option to "Reveal Embedded Layer Script" in the Finder/Explorer. If the layer has an HSV modifier image, there will be an option to "Reveal HSV Modifier Image" in the Finder/Explorer.
● PRO - Added lua scripting method for layers: bool IsIncludedInFlexiBoneSubset(int32 boneID).
Returns true if the boneID is in the flexi-bone subset.
● Added new "Always create XMP file for document" preference setting to the Document preferences. When this is selected every time you save a Moho project an xmp file will be saved with it even if there are no tags or comments set in the project settings, or the preference to "Always save XMP metadata for document assets" is set and there are no external assets referenced by the project.
● When you right-click a child of a switch layer in the Layers window, there is now an option to make that layer the active child. This is in addition to the previous functionality that allows you to alt-click a child to make it the active child. This was added because it is more obvious to those who haven't read about the alt-click functionality.
● In the Actions window you can now select a "--Mainline--" item to activate the mainline when you right-click an action other than the mainline.
● PRO - Added scripting accessors for setting the search filter in the Layers window.
● If startup document preferences are set to No Document, ensure default tools window doesn't grow too large for smaller monitors.
● PRO - Lua console window was not allowing scrolling all the way to the end of displayed text.
● A text layer converted to a vector layer no longer loses its original name.
● Fixed a bug in which Motion blur caused strokes to be less precise than they would be without motion blur.
● Fixed a bug that didn’t allow to set relative cycle keyframes if a layer was shifted in the sequencer.
● Timeline now shows new keyframes when using the Select Point tool's Split Curve command.
● Fixed a crash that happened when the first item in the tools list in the Preferences was removed.
● Fixed Bug where sometimes PSD layers were lost.
● Alt-click layer visibility now works even if the layer was not already selected.
● Fixed a problem that made hard to view tooltips when using a stylus.
● Fixed a bug where a duplicated vector layers didn’t show Bezier handles
● Fixed a bug in which docked windows were not always checkmarked as docked on the Windows menu -> Docking sub-menu.
● Crash when expanding or collapsing a group layer with certain masking conditions.
● Fixed a problem with updating the Scripts menu when scripts are reloaded and scripts were added, removed, or moved.
● There was a problem updating the display of the Text tab of the Layer Settings dialog when the window is brought up via the Window menu. It’s fixed now.
● When settings entered into the Project Settings are outside the accepted ranges for the value, there will now be an alert that indicates this condition if you try to click OK to save those changes. The invalid values are corrected to fit within the allowed range.
● When Duplicate is selected to duplicate a layer in the Layers window the new layer will now be given a default name that is guaranteed to be unique within its group.
● Allow user content folder to be overridden from the shared application preferences
● Fixed a problem with relative path handling in the Library if preferences were reset after having added custom locations to the Library.
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