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I'm not a prolific blog writer (obviously), but if I want to share some news or interesting animation work, I'll post some updates here.

Studio Visits

on February 24, 2017

One of the highlights for me of working on Moho was that sometimes I was lucky enough to visit animation studios. Sometimes I’ve had my nose down in the code, fixing bugs or working on a new feature for so long that I can forget what it’s all for. I’m “only” a toolmaker, and the tool is nothing until it gets used by an artist to tell a story or express themselves.

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CTN 2016

on February 18, 2017

In November we were back at CTN Expo, demoing Moho for a second year. It’s getting bigger and bigger. This year I thought they had brought in decorative trees until I realized that the tent was so big, it filled up a parking lot and had to include the trees on the sides. Here’s a shot during setup before the crowds arrived: And the Smith Micro booth. I’m demoing Moho on a Microsoft Surface Studio (that got a lot of attention from the artists).

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At Home With Monsters

on January 15, 2017

Last November, I was in the Los Angeles area for work and I had an afternoon off. I made good use of the time and hustled over to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I’ve been a fan of Guillermo Del Toro’s films for a while and I knew about his collection of monster and fantasy art, sculpture, and movie props. I knew about the exhibit in LA, but didn’t know if I would be in the area.

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CTN Animation Expo

on November 19, 2015

We’re (Smith Micro) here at CTN Animation Expo setting up for a few days of art and animation. If you’re attending, please stop by our booth in Hall B and say hi. If you’re not attending and you’re in the Southern California area, why aren’t you coming to CTN? It’s not too late – if you’re into animation, drawing, or concept art, you’ll love it: Teyon and Víctor demoing Manga Studio and Anime Studio:

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